Canada’s #1 Premium Furniture Subscription Company

Conceiving a subscription model for furniture,

we created a circular economy for the pieces we live with.

We are dedicated to providing well-built products and unmatched customer experience for today’s furniture needs.

Move with ease

Whether you’re looking to rent for three months or twelve, our rental terms are flexible and stress-free. Love your piece too much to leave it? No worries! We have rent-to-own options too.

Our Mission

Plenish aims to provide a sustainable and comfortable living solution to every household.

Starting with furniture, we focus on creating a circular economy where people can easily add and remove items that fit their current style and space.

How it Started

The company was started in Vancouver, BC by two friends with a dream to simplify the way we furnish our homes.

In early 2020, Stephanie was preparing for a move and Chang was getting ready to renovate his home. The two were sharing their frustrations with purchasing and disposing furniture.

They concluded that an ideal solution for both of them would offer the best of multiple worlds: reasonable upfront costs, premium quality goods, delivery and assembly service, and low commitment – but it simply did not exist.

They decided to take the challenge on.