Hello Abacus

June 28 , 2020

If we have learned two things from staying inside for the past three months, the first has been an intimate understanding of the home we live in. Where we want to drink our morning coffee, how we want to present our surroundings in video calls, which places gives us energy, and those that put us to sleep. We have certainly found our favourite seat and we now know what feels good in our home, and what does not.

In light of this, it is no surprise that many of us have found many things in our homes that no longer serve us, and we want to refresh our home to suit our newfound preferences. However, high costs of furniture and decor, guilt over waste, and the precarious task of selling used pieces on Craigslist are daunting, hindering these actions. Perhaps there is more conscious and convenient way?

Abacus evolved out of the desire for less waste, less consumption, and less commitment. Conceiving of a subscription model for furniture, we wanted to create a circular economy for the pieces we live with. We developed most of Abacus in the midst of this pandemic, where our initial target was to support clients that are more nomadic, adventurous, with a carefree globalized perspective in an increasingly mobile society – or simply for those who want to change their space on their own terms. And while those sentiments are still true to our core, we have also learned that we are here to support other needs that require urgent reactions – need a sudden three month home office setup? We got you. Want to swap a lounge chair to make room for your home yoga workouts? We’ll make it happen. These quick reactions are feasible with a subscription model – low up front costs, fast delivery and assembly, and the ability to return or swap the pieces when they no longer suit your lifestyle.

Some may say that launching a startup during this time would have have been an impossible feat – but we believe the opposite. We envisioned the opportunity to change your surroundings, and how subscription models have worked for so many other industries. But now, we see evidence of it – the good, the bad and the ugly. Only subscription models would allow the opportunity to economically order a new lounge chair to get you through your quarantine book list, swap your sofa for a new one because you need to reinvigorate your space, or return items because they no longer fit in your budget.

Abacus subscriptions don’t reject the concept of ownership, we just provide a flexible, affordable alternative that makes money more manageable. Monthly payments always go towards ownership of each furniture piece, and you’ll never pay more than retail. Whether our service supports you changing apartments frequently, or you just want the option to switch it up, we simply believe that rental should provide inclusive access to beautiful, well crafted furniture for all.

Is the perfect home set up attainable? We believe so. We also believe it may take a couple of tries to get there. Whatever your furniture needs are, Abacus is here for you. And as for the second thing we’ve learned? It’s that you can count on change.


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