Payten’s Story

October 21 , 2021

Since the fall of 2019 I have moved 8 times. This isn’t unusual for me on account of my transient career path, though I must admit, it still feels like a “heavy lift” every single time it’s time to pack my bags again.

Not only is moving stressful, but it’s expensive. Relocating always included budgeting for either 1) furniture transportation, or 2) purchasing new furniture, and anyone reading this knows that when it comes to selling your own furniture you’re lucky to get 50% of the price you paid for it brand new. Second to none, we’ve all browsed Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace looking for that perfect “mint condition” piece, and been let down or bamboozled by a well-lit picture or a 20 minute drive to pick up a couch that looks nothing like the images you swore were real. I digress — furniture shopping during these virtual times is tricky.

Don’t get me wrong, moving is still a hassle, but discovering furniture subscriptions has changed the game for me.

I was living on Vancouver Island during the moment we can all reflect on as “the day the world stopped”. It was the first week of the COVID-19 pandemic and I was living in Victoria going to grad school when I learned our program would be shut down “until further notice.” I was living with a roommate at that time and had moved so frequently up until that point that the only thing I had to my name besides a collection of designer bags and shoes was a bed. I decided that given all the panic on the island, I would feel safer living on the mainland and started looking for used furniture in all the usual places…

After I had exhausted Google with disappointment consistent with the described above, I googled “Vancouver Furniture Rental” and up popped Abacus.

I was already a big fan of Article as a brand, so I was sold pretty quickly when I noticed the large marketplace of Article pieces that Abacus offered. I had purchased from Article before and while I knew the quality was top-notch, it didn’t hold its retail value when I had tried to resell it before one of my many moves. This is the reality of owning furniture and trying to sell it for what you bought it for. It’s impossible.

I was excited about being able to rent Article pieces, and not have to be stressed about selling them online at the end of 2020 when I would return to New York City for work. It was a no-brainer. I created a profile, added my credit card, chose three gorgeous pieces from Abacus’ catalogue and never looked back.

After my first order was placed, I received an email from an Abacus team member who let me know that unfortunately a few of the pieces I had chosen weren’t available. At first, of course, I was disappointed — but after a few email exchanges with the team member, I felt like she had used her expertise to educate me on alternative items that might be more appropriate for my small Vancouver apartment. They weren’t pieces I would have identified on my own, but I trusted her advice and agreed that if I didn’t love them, I could switch them out for the original pieces I ordered once they were back in stock.

At that time, I ended up choosing the Sven Charme Tan 72″ Sofa, the Envelo 48″ Media Unit  and the Otio Mist Gray Walnut Lounge Set.

To my delight, Chang and an Abacus employee promptly showed up to my apartment with the items I had ordered and they were stunning. They were speedy, efficient and professional. I was excited with the brand-new quality of the couch, chair and tv stand and knew I had made the right choice.

My couch has been the home for many slow nights at home while the entire city was doing our part to help our health care workers fight the pandemic. My entertainment stand was the stage for my TV that delivered endless hours of Netflix binges, and the chic accent chair was just the aesthetic touch I needed to balance the cozy space.

So what would I do differently? Like many single folks during a global pandemic, I decided it would be a great idea to adopt an animal in need. As someone who knew nothing about cats, I naturally decided to adopt an abandoned kitten and spend all of my free time nurturing, cuddling, and loving him. So what does my impulsive decision to adopt a kitten have to do with Abacus? Well, I didn’t expect the tiny kitten claws to wear on my leather couch like they did, and while Abacus does protect against some minimal pet related damage, I regretted not covering the couch with a large blanket while the kitten was learning how to keep his claws in.

Long story short? If you are renting Abacus and have a pet, do as Abacus says and try to keep the furniture covered up to avoid any avoidable scratches or nicks from our dearly beloved furry friends.

Now, a year later as I return to NYC, I know there is zero stress when it comes to handling my furniture. I message Chang and let him know I would be returning to the U.S in a month and he promptly scheduled a pick-up date. No questions asked.

If you are a working professional bouncing between cities, furniture subscription makes perfect sense and in all honesty, is a life-saver. It allows you to turn a house into a home without a major commitment.

I would recommend Abacus to my closest friends and family time and time again without hesitation. Were I not leaving Vancouver, I would still be a happy Abacus member, telling everyone who comes over and compliments my furniture, “you’ll never believe it’s rented!”

– Payten


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