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August 08 , 2021

Stephanie’s Favourites – Make it Chic

Steal Stephanie’s chic and elegant lounge look by mixing neutral tones with marble stones and gold accents at your own home. Cozy enough for movie nights, classy enough for afternoon tea!

Source: @annawpage on Instagram

Ronnie’s Favourites – Clean and Clear

Clean space, clear mind. With a minimal look, Ronnie keeps her home clean and clutter-free with timeless furniture pieces.

Source: https://thecottagemarket.com/how-to-add-scandinavian-farmhouse-touches-to-your-home-decor/

Kezia’s Favourites – Warm It Up

The design of your home can be an expression of yourself and your story. Chill and down to earth, Kezia loves lounging around in space with warm earthy tones and wooden furniture.

Source: Article

Javier’s Favourites – Simple Pleasures

For Javier, a large open space that smoothly blends dining and living room is the dream. Mix and match furniture has never been this fun without Abacus’ rent, swap and buy-out feature!

Source: https://www.realestate.com.au/lifestyle/how-to-design-your-floor-plan/?homedecor=1693533333/

Chang’s Favourites – Cool, but Classic

When in doubt, just stick to the classics. Chang loves having quality wooden furniture that lasts for years to come. With abacus, you can have stylish and affordable furniture without compromising on quality!
Source: homestolove.com.au

Jillian – Let’s Get Organized

Have you ever dreamt of going back to work from the office? If the answer’s a no, then you’re just like Jillian. With a simple and practical workstation, you can be more productive and focused on your work!

Source: https://www.carolinacreekhouse.com/products/kristin-floorflat?variant=37156993892520


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