New beginnings

April 05 , 2022

We have been keeping a secret for the last few months. And today, we are ready to share the news – Plenish is here! 


When Abacus was founded in early 2020, our purpose was clear; we wanted to create a platform that enabled people to rent stylish, quality furniture with modern flexibility after experiencing the pain of trying to furnish our own homes. Furnishing was time-consuming, costly, and inconvenient. The cycle continued whenever we moved and soon realized that we were not alone. The average millennial moves once every two years, and the frequency of that increases within metropolitan cities. It was obvious then, that we knew we had to do something. 

Over the last two years, our business strategy has evolved. It became evident that our society and environment demanded more; there is an imminent need to solve a crucial challenge within the furniture industry. As we continued to grow, we knew we needed to refresh our brand to reflect who we are and the future we want to build. 

Then came Plenish! Plenish means to fill, stocky or resupply; perfectly suited to our mission to fill the empty spaces.  

Our company mission is to make it easier for each person to find a solution to their ever-evolving needs, without compromise. We strive to fill the spaces where there is a void. Our deep philosophy is to ensure those voids are filled in the best way for the global community. 

When exploring new brand concepts, we wanted the brand to encompass three foundational elements that drive our business: Innovation, Service, and Accessibility.  

We knew that it was important to not overcomplicate our visual identity. The simplicity in our logo, colours, and wordmark represents how we see our customer’s experience with us. We selected colours that were fresh, fun and light in nature yet unique in this industry – because that is who we are. 

How does this impact us? 

Behind the new brand, everything remains the same. We are the still the same team that stands behind the quality of our products and continues to work hard to provide our customers with the best experience possible. 

We are excited to be on this journey and we look forward to sharing our work with you! 

Stephanie & Chang (Co-founders at Plenish)


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