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A message from Chang, CEO & Founder:

“I’ve always wanted a cozy living space, but with that comes the challenge of finding the right pieces. Doing so without creating excess waste has been quite the journey for me, and if you’re reading this, I’m sure you can relate! This has left my living spaces feeling simply dull. A room without furniture is just a space; it's how we fill it that brings it to life.

Our modern world has an abundance of furniture, and you might miss a perfect fit simply because it's not visible. Before you know it, you've ordered a new piece which then doesn’t quite work, contributing to environmental impact and a pretty large hole in your wallet. So now what?

My mission is personal – to help everyone comfortably fill their spaces without the hassle, the compromises, or the guilt! We're here to bridge the gap between incredible existing furniture and spaces waiting to be lived in. Because every crafted piece deserves to serve a purpose.

I hope you’re able to embrace the joy of furnishing with us and discover how every choice you make can positively shape the world around you. Starting here with Plenish. ”